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Producing the "GOLD STANDARD" in Bengal kittens. 

Inquiries welcome 970-778-9214

We are proud to be a TICA registered  Colorado Bengal  breeder

featuring incredible Beautiful Bengal Kittens with Outstanding

Pedigrees and Championship bloodlines
.   Breathtakingly beautiful,

striking rosettes and Luxurious pelts
 Beautiful Bengal Kittens are

for sale year round.



At Beautiful Bengals we specialize in cutting edge,

brown spotted Bengal kittens with dynamic high contrast,

discernible large rosettes, clear coats, extreme type and fantastic

glitter.  Our Quality Breeding program is focused on producing Bengal
kittens with Excellent Health(guaranteed),  Stunning ,Exotic

Rosetted Pelts and  Loving Temperments.  Each Bengal kittens is sold

 with a Health Guarantee, Complete Health Records and a written


We are small by design, hand raising Bengal kittens with constant

attention,love and affection.  As a direct result of staying

 small we are able to produce well socialized Bengal kittens

with wonderful loving, sweet dispositions that make an

amazing, devoted companion that will be an integral part of

Your family.



We specifically breed Bengal Kittens to retain their  wild, exotic

appearance yet have wonderful, loving personalities.  Bengal cats are

known for their high level of intelligence, inquisitive, vivacious

combined with a loving, affectionate nature, high energy and beauty.

Bengal is the result of cross breeding an Asian Leopard Cat with a

domestic cat.  Bengals are the only domestic cat that can have rosettes

 similar to the markings on leopards and jaguars.


Beautiful Bengal Kittens are only placed in approved, responsible
All Bengal kittens must be raised in the house where they

will receive plenty of exercise/enrichment and love.  Bengal Kittens
stay with us until they are 12 weeks old.   Pet Prices range from


Bengal kittens are primarily for sale in Colorado,

Utah, Montana and Wyoming.  We work directly with you to meet 

your transportation needs. 

Beautiful Bengals will ship Bengal Kittens


Beautiful Bengals is located in Grand Junction, Colorado nestled

between the Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa.


We work directly with the world’s top Bengal breeders to

 carefully select each of our Bengal Breeders  from

international multi-championship bloodlines allowing us to
produce exceptional quality and type in every Bengal kitten

 we produce.  We believe that selective breeding and genetic

engineering is the key to advancing the Bengal breed and
producing the world best quality Bengal Kittens.

At Beautiful Bengals we take a lot of pride in networking

 with experienced Bengal breeders throughout
the nation.

 Bengal Breeders that portray  a high code of ethics, integrity

 and share a vision that correlates with ours.

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