Beautiful Bengals


  Beautiful Bengals Heart & Soul   "BoBo 


 Anjali Everything   "Zen"  

Anajli  Alana  "Wags"

Anjali Mon Belle Fleur- "Della"-RETIRING 2018

 Spots of  Gold - "Ivy"


Beautiful Bengals Heart & Soul   "BoBo"

 HCM:  Negative June 21, 2018           PK:  Negative         FELV/:  Negative 

Bengal PRA:  Negative 


Sire:  LaBelleBengala Dazzle Dots

Dam:  Anjali Mon Belle Fleur



Gracie  has huge incredible outlined rosettes, puffy whisker pads, a thick tail,  strong chin, straight profile and a super soft coat.  She is a gentle spirit and wonderful mother.  Gracie  produces stunning Bengal kittens with Large discernible rosettes, high contrast and a Cashmere feeling pelt. 


Anjali Everything Zen

 HCM:  Negative 10/22/2017    PK:  Negative         FELV/:  Negative 

Bengal PRA :  Negative 


Sire:  Gogees Lucky Daze 

Dam:  Dark Moon Instant Karma

 Zen has amazing black outlined rosettes on a super clear background, a straight profile, stunning mascara, good length of body and an outstanding temperament.


She is a very intelligent girl who entertains us with her fetching, chattering on cue, shoulder riding and various other tricks on a daily basis.  


Anjali Alana  "Wags"

 HCM:  Negative 07/13/2017    PK:  Negative         FELV/:  Negative 

Bengal PRA:  Negative 


Sire:  Sunstorm  Pride and Joy 

Dam:  Anjali Coco Robicheaux


Anjali Mon Belle Fleur  - “Della”
Brown Spotted Tabby (rosetted) • Carries Seal Lynx Point  
PK Deficiency N/N  •  HCM Clear

Della is sired by Gogees Lucky Daze  out of  CH Gogees Fleur De Lis 

"Della" has gorgeous jet black outlinged large rosettes set on a very pale buttercream pelt.  Her pattern is absolutely gorgeous.  She has excellent type, smaller rounded ears and beautiful large eyes, a thick tail and a plush pelt.  Della has a super sweet personality that is passed on to her kittens. 


Spots Of Gold   - “Ivy”

Brown Spotted Tabby (rosetted) • Carries Seal Lynx Point  

 HCM:  Negative 07/31/2017    PK:  Negative         FELV/:  Negative 

Bengal PRA :  Negative 

Ivy  is sired by Wild Cat Magic Big Mac Daddy  out of  Witching Hour California's Golden Girl 

Ivy is covered from neck to tail with Beautiful, perfectly closed rosettes.  She has as buttercream clear coat and her Jet Black rimmed rosettes have a soft red center.   Ivy has big puffy whisker pads and a Super Straight profile.    Ivy looks like she has been dipped in Gold Dust with tons of Glitter. 
In addition to Ivy's striking appearance the best part about Ivy is her Extremely loving personality.  



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