Beautiful Bengals


 Kanpur The Gold Standard 

 Kanpur Legendary Prodigy


Kanpur   The Gold Standard 

PK:  Negative         FELV/:  Negative 

Bengal PRA:  Negative 


      HCM:  Negative June 21, 2018

 Gorgeous Gold Eyes

Sire- Bengalivo without words of Kanpur "Matrix"

Dam- Prasilin Heaven Sent 

                                                        Bengalivo Without Words of Kanpur                  Praslin Heaven Sent 
                                                        HCM: Negative        PK: N//N                      HCM:  Negative         PK: N/N

The meaning of "The Gold Standard " is The Supreme Example of something against which others are measured.   He truly has a name that fits him in every way. 

Gold has been a dream come true.  There are no words available to truly convey to Diana and Carl Smith how much I truly appreciate the opportunity to have this boy in the USA with his bengal family.   

The Gold Standard's Photo Gallery





Kanpur   Legendary Prodigy 

PK:  Negative        FELV/:  Negative        Bengal PRA :   N/N by parentage

      HCM:  Negative October 16,2018   Emerald Green Eyes

Sire- Oicspots Corvette Stingray

Dam- Kanpur Kiki 

                                                         Oicspots corvette Stingray                                     Kanpur Kiki

                                                         HCM: Negative        PK: N//N                               HCM:  Negative         PK: N/N

Legend was a case of Love at first site.  His name reflects the majestic qualities this

 boy processes.  Legendary means timeless and Prodigy is so extraordinary or rare to

 inspire wonder.  His pelt is a superior example of high impact, dynamic, beautiful,

Tri-colored rosettes

  We are Truly Thankful  for Diana and Carl Smith for their kindness in allowing Legend to Join our Bengal family. 

Legends  Photo Gallery


Manglar Velvet of Beautiful Bengals 

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