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       Adoption Policy


Bengals are my passion, therefore we take great care in placing a Beautiful Bengal Kitten in a loving, well cared for environment were their well being is a top priority. 
As a dedicated Bengal breeder, each Bengal kitten is hand raised and receives attention from the minute they are born.  Beautiful Bengals receive enrichment from adults, children, dogs and other Bengals to ensure they are well socialized. 
Per TICA guidelines, Bengal Kittens stay with us until they are 12 weeks old.  This ensures a strong immune system and time for socialization.
All  Bengal kittens go home with a written contract that guarantees against congenital defects for one year.
All Bengal Kittens are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of adoption.  You will receive paperwork requiring a veterinary to conduct a health check on your kitten within 72 hours of  your possession.  A copy of this health check is due back to me within 1 week of the check.

           Beautiful Bengal Kittens are adopted with the following:
Tica Pedigree
Complete Veterinary Health Check- At least 2-3 wellness/physical exams                      conducted by a veterinarian.  
All age appropriate vaccinations- All vaccinations administered by a                              veterinarian. 
Microchip- All Micro chips administered by a veterinarian. 

 Weight History charting from my vet to ensure that your baby is growing                       properly. 

Spayed or Neutered- By a licensed Veterinarian.  Exception:  If my vet does not           feel comfortable with a spayed or neuter, due to age or weight,  you will be asked         to sign a spayed or neuter by age 6 months of age.  Your babies well being is my           top priority. 
A Health Guarantee- We breed with the highest breeding standards and breed for            health as the foundation of our program. Therefore, it is imperative to have the              kitten checked by a veterinarian several times prior to adoption so we can                     guarantee health through a licensed vet. 
 A Written  contract 

Continued Support

                We screen our cats for FeLV, FIV and PK Deficiency  


Beautiful Bengal Kitten Adoption Fee:

Quality Companion Pet  $1300-1800.  $250 Deposit required

Top Quality Show/Breeder $3,500-5,000.   $500.00 Deposit Required

Deposits are Applied towards your purchase Price.  Balance is due upon Receipt of your kitten.


Beautiful Bengals kittens are Evaluated/placed in 5 different categories:

Available –This Bengal kitten is available to an approved home. Please feel free to inquire about this

Pending –A deposit is being sent and this  Bengal kitten is not available at this time. Inquiries are welcome

Reserved – A deposit has been received and this Bengal kitten is being held for its future owner
Under Evaluation- Bengal Kittens are under evaluation for several reasons. Either their pattern is not developed or they may be considered for a possible Bengal breeder.  This kitten may become
available for adoption and inquiries are welcome.

Keeper - Means this Bengal kitten is staying at Beautiful Bengals.


We have a very limited number of Bengal kittens born each year, therefore if you see a Bengal  kitten you really adore you may want to consider placing a deposit.  A deposit reserves the Bengal kitten in your name and the Bengal kitten will not be sold to anyone else.    Deposits are non-refundable, so please make sure this is the Bengal kitten you really want.   You may want to know why we have a no refund policy on deposits and it is simply this...we reserve the kitten in good faith for you.  In the process we are turning down other people that want to purchase the Bengal kitten.  If a buyer defaults this prolongs the adoption process. Our goal is to place Bengal  kittens in their forever homes at 12 weeks.
Pet Deposits are $250.00


We ship  to approved homes in the USA and world wide.  All expenses incurred in the shipping process are at the buyers expense.  This includes airfare, shipping carrier and any paperwork or permits requires by law.  



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